Pre-K Program

Our Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum follows the top down approach that serves the complete Mt. Moriah Christian Academy curriculum so beautifully. Knowing the expectations of our Kindergarten Curriculum led us to provide a program that creates a excellence foundation for the students before they even begin they’re formal academic career. The goal of our Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum is simply to introduce the student to the joy of learning and the satisfaction in a job well done. Our Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum is focused on:

  • age-appropriate, quality content

  • real books — classics that are beautiful and rich

  • well prioritized objectives

  • recitation

  • repetition

We want our youngest students prepared for a rigorous phonics-based Kindergarten by being “reading ready” and academically mature. We want our young students to delight in the pleasures of this stage of life. We encourage them to capitalize on the curiosity and enthusiasm of their youth. This is done by enjoying the songs, stories, games, rhymes, and prayers enjoyed by pre-school aged children for generations.