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MMCA Tuition

School costs for the 2019-2020 academic year are:

Pre-K                      $8,400

Grades  K-8         $8,000

Grades 9-11        $9,000

Grade      12        $9,500

This total includes only tuition costs.

Tuition is billed twice a year.  A monthly payment plan is available.

Additional, there is a yearly registration fee of $350 (This includes the consumables)
Also, during the school year, there are optional field trips and activities which vary in expense. 

Financial Aid

At Mt. Moriah Christian Academy, all financial aid is need-based.


The Mt. Moriah Church of God In Christ Grant is awarded to any family willing to follow the guidelines of its acceptance and is not receiving any government assistance for tuition.


Children Scholarship Fund awards a limited number of needs-based scholarships each yearly. Please apply early.


We accept HRA/ACS vouchers. 

Please indicate your intention to apply for the Children’s Scholarship Funding or The Moriah Church Grant on your admissions application.

If you decide to apply for financial assistance after you submit an application, please notify the Admissions Office of your intention.

If you have questions regarding financial aid policies and procedures at Mt. Moriah, please contact Mr. Bruce, Director of Operations, at (718) 953-4364

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